Pathways to Parish Vitality is a diocesan initiative designed to assist every parish in the diocese in their work to grow and strengthen their mission as vibrant Catholic communities of faith! Look ahead to what’s coming up by visiting the Pathways website.

There are clear pathways to parish vitality. In uncertain times, some parishes fall back on traditional activities that seem to work elsewhere rather than ask the strategic questions about a parish’s unique identity, purpose, and capacity. To thrive and not merely survive in the years ahead, vital parishes will learn to be intentional and responsive.

These parishes will focus on revitalizing the congregation and mobilizing its people with an urgent sense of purpose. This conviction is at the heart of the Pathways to Parish Vitalityproject.

Parishes that participate in Pathways to Parish Vitality will be informed about:
-How to move Catholics from being merely involved to fully engaged
-How to navigate in an emerging religious landscape
-How to establish a clear and compelling sense of parish purpose in uncertain times
-How to make strategic choices for parish vitality and growth without overworking an already busy pastor and staff

Real pastoral effectiveness in the years ahead will come less from doing things right and more from doing the right things. This initiative is made possible through the generosity of the Foundation for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo. View more information on https://www.parishvitality.net/